3 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Engagement In When Selling On Facebook

When selling online, customer engagement is a crucial aspect. How you engage and interact with your customers determines your sales level. Also, engagement boosts your brand reputation, enhance innovativeness and improve customer satisfaction. In this essence, keeping your customers engaged is the secret to harnessing your sales and profitability.

When selling on Facebook, the same aspect applies. Your sales levels tally with your engagement. However, not everyone knows the effect of keeping high engagement levels on the Facebook Shopify store. If it’s for this reason, you are reading this article. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 ways you can apply to boost your customer engagement when selling products on Facebook with Shopify:

Post shareable content

Certainly, customers do not have a reason to keep good ideas to themselves. They will move on and share it with peers. Also, they will always go back to platforms that offer the best information in the future. With this information, you can confirm the power of having shareable content and posts on your Facebook store page.  Remember, a sharable content must be reliable and relevant to your audience. For instance, you cannot be selling electronics and start selling information on current fashion. So, have shareable posts that are perfect to your focus audience.

Use multiple types of content

As you know, different people have varying tastes and preferences. This aspect is applicable when selling on Facebook. Not everyone will fall in love with plain texts. Some will prefer video content while others love images and pictures. Having different types of content allows you to serve each audience according to their flavor. For instance, uploading a video increases your visibility level. Customers will have a desire to watch what the video is about and probably take the prescribed action. This way, you boost your customer engagement levels.  So, avoid posting a single type of content if you want to harness your engagement levels.

Have Facebook live videos

In recent days, Facebook developed an opportunity for going live. This option allows you to interact with your customers one on one through a live video. Applying this option enables you to harness your customer engagement. during the live sessions, the customers can ask questions about your products. Also, you can get their feedback on what you should improve in your services or products to enhance their satisfaction levels. Hence, utilizing the Facebook live option on your page when selling products on Facebook with Shopify.

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