3 Superb E-Commerce Platforms You Can Use To Sell On Facebook Other Than Shopify

Are you a webpreneur facing difficulties in driving your sales? You own a well-designed online store and dealing with on-demand products. However, the reality is moving sales an obstacle. After extensive study, you have realized that people are selling through several means. Also, Facebook commerce is becoming a buzz. So, you are set on a journey of adopting the new trend – F-commerce. You have heard Shopify is the best option to set your Facebook store. The experts are recommending it to you and arguing that having a Shopify Facebook store will help you become a kingpin in your niche.

However, this idea is not coinciding with your objective. You feel Shopify is not your taste. Now, you are wondering how to meet your goal of selling on Facebook. If this paragraph describes your fate, here are 2 other e-commerce platform or apps you can use to sell on Facebook when Shopify is not your taste:


BigCommerce is a renowned brand in the e-commerce sector. It is the next place you can expect to house an online store that will grow and succeed. As a way of enabling you to sell on Facebook and other social pages, developers at BigCommerce came up with an app by the name SocialShop. This app enables you to create a Facebook store and list 100 products.  You do this at the cost of $24. 95 per month.

When your business grows to require you to add extra products beyond the 100-limit, you will need to scale up to a new plan. As such, you do not have to build a new store. All you will do is to add an extra coin. The good thing of this app from BigCommerce is you do not pay any transaction fees. Customers purchase your items, and you take the whole profit home.


Do you desire to sell your items on Facebook to the international audience? Well, international business means interacting with multiple currencies. For this reason, you need a platform that allows your customers to transact with their local currency. Having this option is a positive gain as it makes your business indigenous.  Shoptab is a good option to build your Facebook store. It comes with a multicurrency feature supporting more than 50 international currencies. Hence, you will not have any issue driving your sales.

In a word, if building a Shopify Facebook store is not a good idea, you have a chance to use BigCommerce and Shoptab to achieve the same goal. The choice is yours.

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