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What’s so Great about Selling on Facebook with Shopify

How Facebook and Shopify integration help to grow and improve your business? How to integrate your own Shopify Facebook store? What’s so great about selling on Facebook with Shopify? Read this article and find out!

Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Did you know that making connections and integrations through Facebook is one of the best ways to grow your business? In the usual process, the customers need to get redirected to a certain website from Facebook where they can find details regarding the brand and the seller. Even though this might increase the interested in the product and the brand, there is no surety that the customers will go to the actual website to purchase the product.

However, with the help of Facebook integration with Shopify, the users can finally present their products on Facebook through Shopify. Another great thing is that Sellers will be able to track orders.

Integration of online store with social media not only allows for sellers to get in touch with hundreds of thousands of potential buyers but it also takes off the pressure and the limit which are otherwise present when running a single online store.

The truth is that it is pretty difficult to stay on top of search engine results as a seller. In terms of social networking website, the customer base increases but you also don’t need to worry about optimizing your store or any other aspect which are usually required for you to get a higher search engine rating.

If you are wondering, what’s so great about selling on Facebook with Shopify, here are some features that Shopify Facebook store has to offer: Click Here

  • Real-time updates: There is no downtime to update the product listings, plans or details. Everything is done in real-time.
  • A chance to customize your store: Consider it like you own land-based store. You can customize your shop as you want. You can add some extra product columns, add some banners, and change the layouts. You can easily create your store in lesser time and with fewer resources.
  • The best ecommerce shopping cart experience: There are 200.000 + active online stores that have been created and approximately $10 billion in sales.
  • Seamless cross-platform updates: No need for you to worry about manual updates. You can update your Shopify store with new products and your Facebook store will update automatically.
  • Social indicators: Selling on Facebook with Shopify allows you to count the customers interested in your products. Shopify Facebook integration provides a much more tangible alternative and believe it or not, the social indicators such as share and like can be pretty helpful.
shopify plan

In order for you to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook, you need to choose your pricing plan (Shopify offers 4 different ecommerce plans, the cheapest one will cost you $9 a month). The next step is logging into your Shopify account and connect it with your Facebook account. You will create a tab on your Shopify page. You can load the product data and use Shopify to complete the transactions.

The Shopify Facebook integration provides an overview of the customer behavior. It gives the seller an idea about what customers like to purchase and at what price. Such analysis is not available anywhere else and using such information can be beneficial for any type of online store.

Another aspect of selling through Facebook is that it is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers which might not be available otherwise. Everyone follows up on their Facebook profiles multiple times a day. This is a great opportunity for you to grow your business and boost your sales!